One of the world’s leading specialists in static management technology

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd, one of the world’s leading specialists in static management technology, has reported a significant rise in demand for its long range 24V DC powered anti-static bars.

According to Bruce Clothier, CEO of Fraser Anti-Static, this demand is being driven especially within the slitter and rewinder markets.

“Maintaining speed with quality across changing geometry are some of the challenges that previous short range AC static solutions have largely failed to address,” commented Bruce.

“Customers are increasingly wanting effective static control, right across the different range of slitter/rewinder options. Our products, which are fully configurable, give the customers complete control and high performance.”

The demand for long range static control DC bars has grown most rapidly in the UK and Germany, where Fraser Anti-Static is the market leader within slitter and rewinder OEMs.

Fraser has several products on offer to this market including:


3024 L 24VDC Anti-Static Ionising Bar and















According to Bruce, the changing nature of materials used in the converting process also has implications for static management, and more importantly fire risk, especially where solvents are used.

In this instance, Bruce recommends the use of their EX1250 Static Eliminator Bar, which is ATEX certified and specially designed for use in hazardous areas, including food, medical, printing and pharmaceutical applications.


EX1250 Static Eliminator Bar