omegaOmega Handling limited renowned for innovation and expertise within the converting industry have recently designed and manufactured a fully automated shaft and core handling system which is capable of handling both shafted and shaft less rolls & cores.  The equipment has been designed to automatically unload the rewind turret and then to reload the turret with multiple pre-taped cores ready for auto splice.

Shafted cores/rolls are removed by use of an automated cart; the cart traverses between the turrets unload position and a shaft extraction system where the shaft is automatically deflated prior to extraction.

Rolls/product is conveyed away from the shaft extraction system once the shaft has been withdrawn to a dedicated area for auto palletising.

Cores are automatically delivered through an integral core handling system and aligned with the shaft ready for re-insertion, double sided tape or hot melt glue is automatically applied along the length of the cores, two strips of tape or beads of glue can be applied at 180° if selected.  The shaft is automatically inserted into the pre-taped cores, automatically inflated to the correct pressure to ensure that no slippage of the core during winding is possible.

The re-cored shaft is automatically returned to the rewind and automatically loaded.

The system carries out similar functions for running shaft less rolls/core, selection for shaft less running is from a menu on the HMI.

Single cores, 2 cores for centre slitting or multiple cores for narrow web can be loaded into the core hopper; spacing of the cores is done automatically, tape can be applied to individual cores or as a full length across the width.

The first system which is due to be shipped at the end of November handles 76-152mm diameter shafts and cores, rolls of up to 1200mm in diameter by 1200mm wide and weighing around 1500Kg. A second system which is in the pipeline should be ready for interested parties to view mid-July 2015

For more information about this and/or other systems within the Omega product range visit or contact Sam Palin on 0044(0)7900735898 or at