No More Self-Rewinding of Labels

Fully automatic winding with Primera’s Winder-Series

All manufacturers, who are printing their labels in-house save time when using an un- and rewinder to provide them proper care for further processing.

A rewinder is used to automatically rewind printed labels. But for what do you need an unwinder? If you want to use label rolls that are too heavy or have an outer diameter that is too large or if you want to keep track of how much is left of the roll then an unwinder is essential.

Primera‘s un- and rewinders are perfect for use with any thermal, thermal transfer and inkjet-based desktop label printer, including the LX500e and brand-new LX910e.

RW-7 Label Rewinder and UW-7 Label Unwinder support three roll core diameters: 25.4 mm (1”), 50.8 mm (2“) and 76.2 mm (3“), offering the flexibility to produce label rolls that fit the requirements of the finishing machine used afterwards. The maximum rewind capacity is 152.4 mm (6”) by a maximum roll width of 177.8 mm (7”) and a maximum rewind speed of up to 348 mm (12’’) per second. The labels will be rewound with perfect alignment and just the amount of tension for either hand application or semi-automatic or automatic label applicator. In addition, RW-7 offers two winding directions: “label inside“ and “label outside“. Depending on the chosen direction the LED indicator changes its colour making it easer to produce professional-grade label rolls.

The RW-9 Right Winder and the LW-9 Left Winder are Primera’s heavy-duty winders for industrial-grade environments supporting larger roll diameters and widths. Made in Germany these un- and rewinders feature a 2 mm steel casing, along with a heavy-duty torque linear driven engine as well as an enhanced full metal mandrel. It holds rolls with a weight of up to 30 kg, a width of 228 mm (9”), a 76 mm (3”) core and a maximum outer diameter of 330 mm (13”). With a speed of up to 300 mm (12”) per second both, the RW-9 and LW-9, can be used with any digital label printer, e. g. Primera’s LX2000e.

RW-9 and LW-9 are both able to re- and unwind label rolls. If the winder rewinds or unwinds is given by the label path direction and the position (left or right) of the winder to the printer.

The flexibility of the label stock is an important factor for the smooth transport from the unwinder to the printer and to the rewinder. If the label material is too flexible, no matter the thickness, it can cause uneven winding, slippering or stopping of the winder. Polypropylene, polyester and vinyl labels tend to be more flexible than paper labels. Therefore manufacturers should carry out a pre-test with their label material and within the actual application area to find the right winder.

All winder products come with Primera’s 24 months warranty after product registration and are available from Primera’s resellers and distributors.