Next generation web sensing and guiding solutions

TTS Systems has been appointed as the UK and European technical distribution partners for Roll-2-Roll Technologies, based in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. The range includes next generation sensing and control solutions for the converting industry. Its current line of products is web edge and width measurement sensors, inspection sensors, and a variety of web guiding solutions for different converting applications.

The key differentiated technology in the products offered by Roll-2-Roll Technologies is the ARIS patented revolutionary sensing principle, which is based on light scattering and spatial filtering. The sensing principle enables a plug-and-play sensor that can detect any material without the need for setup or calibration. The material agnostic optical sensor technology can detect clear film, nonwoven, printed webs, porous webs, textile and even threads. The sensor technology saves time, reduces waste and improves the overall process efficiency.

The ARIS sensor is available in different models with sensing widths from 16 to 440mm and offered with a resolution of either 63.5 or 125 micron. Depending on the light source wavelength the sensor can detect the web position, measure web width, count threads or strings, measure distance between strings, measure contrast position on a web, and detect visible or UV fluorescence marks on the web. The versatile sensor can be used for standalone sensing and inspection applications as well as web guiding with third-party web guides.

Roll-2-Roll Technologies also offers a wide variety of web guiding solutions for almost all web guiding needs. The solutions include intermediate and terminal web guides, plus web guide retrofit kits. The intermediate web guiding solutions include the compact web guiding systems, low profile guides, narrow and wide web guiding systems. With terminal web guides both unwind and rewind guiding applications are enabled. While the web guide retrofit kits can be used to easily upgrade legacy systems with the ARIS sensor technology.

All web guides are powered by the patented ARIS sensor technology and benefit from all the features of the sensor such as plug-and-play, no setup and no calibration functionalities. The web guides include a colour touchscreen operator control interface. Optional industrial ethernet communication through EtherNet/IP or Profinet is also available. Guiding applications such as edge, centre, contrast or line guiding can be performed with one or two sensors connected to the web guide controller.

A high-resolution brushless linear hybrid stepper motor actuates all the intermediate web guides and retrofit kits. The hybrid stepper motor provides high accuracy position control while the brushless design reduces wear and increases motor life. The dynamic frequency response of the web guides can be as high as 100 Hz, with an error control frequency of up to 8 Hz. Other features of the web guides includes: grooved rollers for improved traction, robust self lubricating dirt resistant linear bearings for maintenance free operation, compact designs for easy installation and plug-and-play operation for quick commissioning.