New technique for high precision coating

A new application technique for high precision coatings of low viscosity aqueous and solvent-based coating media, the MPC system developed by SAM Sungan PAGENDARM was demonstrated on a pilot line to visitors on its recent open day.

As a standard procedure of SAM and SAM Sungan Pagendarm, each of its machines is fully assembled and tested before delivery. This includes not only a dry run with the complete commissioning of all winders but testing of the coating systems. SAM is convinced that the cost for in house assembly and testing pays off through shorter installation and commissioning times at the customer site.

Visitors were impressed by the excellent Korean manufacturing quality of SAM, some noting close attention to detail, for example that the electrical wiring is carried out with wire marking on each cable.

The MPC technology was greeted with enthusiasm by visitors who process their low viscosity coatings with conventional anilox rolls and struggling with cleaning problems and frequent changes of the coat weight. The MPC system coats with a smooth roller, the coating mass is applied with a nozzle and an engraved knife on the surface and then transferred onto the web. The metering is done by the knife.

“The MPC method is more accurate, cheaper to buy and has lower operating costs than any gravure process,” explains Ralph Pagendarm. “The interest for the new MPC coating technology is huge, especially in the packaging sector.”

SAM Sungan Pagendarm

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