New roll inspection solution for 100 per cent print quality assurance

Lake Image Roll InspectorLake Image Systems, one of the leaders in variable data integrity and print quality inspection for the packaging, labels, and commercial print industries, has announced the release of Discovery Roll Inspector, an in-line print quality inspection system for web printers that combines the best in print quality assurance, speed and ease of implementation.

Under today’s printing conditions, operators stand little chance of detecting print defects that can end up quickly producing large amounts of waste. Moreover, if the defective print goes out undetected and uncorrected, it could result in expensive rejects, reruns or worse, loss of business.

The Discovery Roll Inspector is an in-line, all-in-one, print quality inspection system from Lake Image Systems. Ideally suited for inspecting 100 per cent of laser and inkjet web applications, the Inspector ensures that all customers’ printing needs are met. It utilises sophisticated software tools to simultaneously analyse multiple areas of interest (AOIs) and apply multiple quality tests per page, detecting print defects such as ink spots, toner streaks, voids, colour variations, and image/barcode quality issues.

Optionally, Roll Inspector checks the readability of barcodes, text, postal codes, and MICR lines as well as performing sequence checks, alignment and data verification for a variety of highly complex, data extensive, variable documents.

Discovery Roll Inspector is available in three configurations to address all levels of requirements: View, Standard, and Full. This modular design enables clients to start with the View ‘base system’ and upgrade all the way to a ‘Full’ system as their requirements grow.

“Following our initial field trial of the product, the overwhelming feedback from our valued customers and prospects was very positive and we strongly believe the market conditions are ready for such a product,” commented Scott Stevens, president of Lake Image Systems Inc (the US arm of the business).

“The Discovery Roll Inspector has the ability to utilise sophisticated software tools to simultaneously analyse multiple AOIs and apply multiple print quality and data verification tests per pages reliably, at press speeds exceeding a 1,000fpm. Furthermore, the system is designed for minimum operator interactions and has a low degree of false stops, greatly improving operational efficiencies. This allows our clients to do 100 per cent print assurance management cost effectively, whilst saving on expensive reruns and more importantly safeguarding them against potentially crippling financial risks.”