New online learning resources from the Label Academy

The Label Academy’s core syllabus has been extended with the addition of a training module and supporting reference book. ‘Management information systems (MIS) and workflow automation’ is the tenth self-study topic the Label Academy now offers label and package printing professionals.

As the industry undergoes rapid change – in response to shorter print runs, increased personalisation, a rise in product variations being produced, and the escalating use of digital and combination printing technologies – operating the modern label printing plant has become even more complex. The new module and book are intended to show printers how a joined-up approach to electronically managing an efficient and profitable twenty-first century operation is able to offer an integrated management information solution.

Packed with expert guidance from contributors including Cerm and Label Traxx, the book includes a foreword by Chris Ellison, president of FINAT and managing director of OPM Group. Exploring the world of MIS and workflow automation systems, it aids the choice and implementation of suitable systems and technologies. Providing both day-to-day problem solving and long-term strategic decision making, the study module and book examine and tackle issues including estimating, procurement, production planning and scheduling, workflow automation, asset data collection and post data analysis.

Founder of the Label Academy, Mike Fairley, explained: “In an industry and age fuelled by technological development, better control, automation and sophistication are now applied to every stage of the label and package printing process. Whilst these advances yield vast opportunities they also bring enormous levels of complexity to the management of each project. Severe bottlenecks, job delays, quality issues and shrinking profits are all common problems for print companies that fail to apply the right management solution. It can be a time consuming and challenging process, so the module and book are designed to help printers understand and choose the most suitable MIS software for their specific needs, and help them avoid making costly mistakes.”

Supported by FINAT, the TLMI and LMAI, the Label Academy is a global training and certification program for the label and package printing industry. Consisting of a series of self-study modules, combining free access to a detailed synopsis, relevant articles and videos with paid-for textbooks, the Academy is sponsored by Cerm, Flint Group, Gallus, MPS, Taghleef Industries (Ti) and UPM Raflatac. Students can enrol in the Academy at or purchase the Academy’s publications directly from