New label printer by Primera

LX910e is Primera’s fastest-ever desktop colour label printer. With a print speed of up to 11.4 cm/s, it can print a 4-inch x 3-inch label with 50 per cent coverage in just three seconds

Due to a new, ultra-high capacity ink cartridge, ink costs are very low. On the same 4-inch x 3-inch label, cost per label is around €0.03 each. This one tri-colour ink cartridge has an integrated print head. With every cartridge change users get a new print head, simplifying maintenance and lowering on-going operating costs. Process black is dark and crisp and uses no more ink than a separate black ink tank would on the same amount of text or graphics.

LX910e can print with dye-based ink for brilliant, eye-popping colour or with pigment ink for maximum durability against water and UV light. Both types of ink work interchangeably on the same printer.