New Karlville pouch conversion line for narrow web and digital print converters

SUP 400-05Karlville Development LLC, global providers in stand-up pouch conversion equipment has just released a new pouch line specifically aimed at the narrow web and digital print market for making three side seal and stand-up pouches. A specialist back to front print re-register system is employed in the new line allowing narrow web converters to print two webs up to 400mm wide and re-register the printed front and back webs in the pouch machine to make a three side sealed or stand up pouch.

SUP 400-17The new KJ-DR-SUP 400 is an extremely compact pouch line with double unwinds, insert gusset and an automatic print re-registration tuning system allowing consistent tension control, constant repeat length evaluation and continually monitored print re-registration to ensure back to front print registration. At just over 8m in length, the machine is designed for minimal web path length, keeping set up waste to an absolute minimum and ideal for very short runs. A maximum run speed of 100 pouches per minute, job recipe storage, zipper insertion, doyen tooling, K tooling and numerous punch tooling permutations are available on the KJ-DR-SUP 400.

SUP 400-06The stand-up pouch market is generally dominated by wider web converters, where single webs are printed normally in excess of 800mm wide and then folded to convert pouches. This latest line from Karlville will now allow narrow web printers to make pouches up to 400mm in height combined with an inserted gusset unit allowing narrow web converters to construct pouches by printing the front and back faces of the pouch separately and then bring these webs together to form the finished pouch.

Converters are catching on to the fact that brands are increasingly turning to stand up pouches as their favoured packaging medium due to their large customer facing area, allowing the product to be displayed prominently on the shelf. This factor, combined with the exceptional pack quality achieved via a pre-made pouch that many form, fill and seal machines, simply cannot achieve.

SPU 400-01ShrinkPack, a Karlville agent company in the UK and Ireland, not only provides pouch conversion, spout insertion and lamination lines for the converter market, but also pre-made pouch filling equipment from Bossar and “through the spout” liquid filling equipment from Karlville enabling the company to supply the full spectrum of machinery to achieve a finished product. Alan Lewis, MD of ShrinkPack sees the future growth of alternative pouch formats to replace many types of rigid packaging as an exciting area of future incremental growth within the flexible packaging market.

This addition to our pouch platform combined with the latest lamination and pouch making technology is now available for narrow and digitally printed webs opens up our customer base dramatically as potential converters of stand up pouches.

The capability for variably printed data, images and smart print pouches can really be exploited by brands wishing to launch or test products at minimal cost and achieve an even faster route to market.

To contact ShrinkPack please phone 07852 712782 or email who would be delighted to showcase the range of equipment available.