New Fresnel’s peacock foil labels have security sticking power

New optically variable foil (OVF) nanotechnology label stock for improved product security design and appearance is available from international supplier, Fresnels.

The Peacock label stock comes in rolls up to 600mm wide, print treated and ready for printing and die cutting, and is available in transparent and opaque versions.

The move comes in response to demand from security product manufacturers and converters of pressure sensitive labels who require the colour changing effects of Fresnel’s Peacock, but lack the ability to apply the colour changing foil.

The easy-to-use, robust and secure Peacock stamping foil has been inspired by the iridescence found in nature to deliver an arresting palette of colours and contemporary effects, which can be applied by brand owners, printers and converters using standard foil application techniques.

The advanced colour change features captured in the Peacock designs are difficult to replicate and can therefore be adopted for use as an added-value, cost effective foil-based anti-counterfeiting device for ID documents.

Fresnels is privately funded and led by technology providers with 100 years of combined expertise in the commercialisation of optical microstructures. Its technology is supported by customer services, technological excellence and experience in relationship building in key markets.