New Dotec LiftAssist on the market early 2019

Jarshire explains how Dotec is embracing Industry 4.00

When looking for a reel or roll handling solution, it is unlikely that Connectivity, the Internet of Things, Big Data, AI or App-control are at the forefront of a customer’s mind.  However, experience has shown that it is not long before forward-looking prospective customers begin to understand its importance and investigate.

Today, systems are becoming more and more complex due to the need for additional functions and better safety features. This need has resulted in many more pneumatic components and, as a result, building has become very labour intensive – especially since “in industry 4.0”, everything is required to be connected.

Until now, Dotec has incorporated its own electronic platform in the range of LiftAssist handlers. However, whilst researching suitable control components, Dotec’s R&D manager came across the Festo Motion Terminal. The resultant close cooperation between Festo and Dotec resulted in a system that has encapsulated the control of complex movement combinations, safety, modern communication and digitalized pneumatics. A fully integrated Digitized Pneumatics control, based on the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM, has come to fruition.

Dotec’s main reasons for an upgrade:

Key features of Dotec LiftAssist equipment are ergonomics and user convenience – i.e. responsiveness, smoothness in operation, easy to use and to be fail-safe.

Dotec was looking for more flexibility; only one type of control and software to configure when customising to order; enabling monitoring and modifications on site, be it a change in parameters or a firmware upgrade; interconnectivity was essential to monitor the system wherever it is in the world, to collect big and small data for predictive maintenance, and to better remote assist.

And, importantly, to be ready for the future. In an era of robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence, at some point it is a logical step to upgrade to a robot or autonomous system. This is part of Dotec’s R&D agenda. Taking account of industry 4.0 is the company’s challenge for a successful future.

Details of all Dotec LiftAssist handlers are available from UK agent, Jarshire Ltd.

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