New BOBST equipment caters for growing needs of packaging manufacturers worldwide


At the end of June, BOBST held its Competence 15 event in Switzerland, showcasing a number of new developments for the printing and packaging industry.

Now available as an option on MASTERFOIL 106 PR hot-foil stamping presses, the BOBST Foil Unwinder+ features a number of intelligent processes that together ensure the most accurate foil advance with the least possible stress on the web. By constantly self-adjusting during production, Foil Unwinder + allows the press to run with a gap as small as two millimeters between impressions on the foil, regardless of running speed, reel size or reel width. By doing this, Foil Unwinder+ can reduce foil consumption by as much as 50 per cent, depending on the layout of the job.

As pressure grows on packaging manufacturers to be more efficient, carton makers are increasingly interested in options for the automated in-line separation of cartons. The new VISIONCUT 106 LER die-cutter is a completely new IIIB format press with a cam driven platen and dynamic optical lateral register control for exceptional accuracy and production consistency. The fully automatic Smart Feeder on the VISIONCUT 106 LER delivers reliable sheet feeding, even at its top speed of 8,000 sheets per hour.

Launched last July, the 7,000 sheet per hour, IIIB format NOVACUT 106 ER blank separating die-cutter complements the VISIONCUT by giving carton makers worldwide a way to access in-line blank separation technology. The BOBST Angle Lock blanking tool system incorporated into the NOVACUT 106 ER means that users can blank separate jobs. This is because Angle Lock blanking tools can either be supplied directly by BOBST, or made in-plant using standard components.

Both the NOVACUT 106 ER and VISIONCUT 106 LER can be converted from blanking mode to full sheet delivery in a matter of minutes, giving users who are new to blank separation the ability to build up a portfolio of blanked work while running existing jobs.

EXPERTCODE is the first full market launch from the BOBST digital printing initiative and addresses anti-counterfeiting and traceability as well as the customisation and versioning of packs. EXPERTCODE gives packaging manufacturers the ability to digitally print individualised codes, text or graphics, off-line onto blanks or onto already folded and glued cartons, and to do so with high resolution, at high speed and with instant verification.

Visitors at the Competence 15 event also saw a number of BOBST service products designed to increase productivity, reduce costs or ensure safety. These included a new Platen Conditioning service, which removes the oxidation that can build up on beams, chases and platens, and protects the machine against further corrosion.