New Bioglitter range for the coatings market

Ronald Britton, the creators of the world’s most eco-friendly glitter, Bioglitter, has announced they are launching a new version of Deco Bioglitter Sparkle.

Designed for the fashion, coatings and printing sector, the new product, Deco Bioglitter™ Sparkle Plus, has been designed to give an additional 33 per cent coverage compared to the previous version, offering a third saving for buyers. The range also has improved heat resistance on the previous edition.

Stephen Cotton, brand director at Bioglitter said: “The new edition of Deco, has all the benefits of the previous version, so it’s based on plant material and will degrade naturally in the environment, making it the world’s most eco-friendly glitter for the coatings market, however we’ve improved on the original. The plus version has been designed to create superior coverage. Basically, users need 33 per cent less of the product to create the same coating effect, which means reduced glitter loading and a major cost saving.”

He added: “Deco Bioglitter Sparkle had excellent resistance qualities for use in applications like printing and garment decoration but as part of the redevelopment process, we’ve improved further on this heat resistance again making the product ideal for the coatings market.”

Picking up several industry awards, the Bioglitter product range has been developed to tackle microplastic pollution caused by traditional plastic based glitter. The product is based on plant material cellulose and will decompose in the natural environment, unlike products like PLA, Cellulose Acetate (both compostable plastics) which need to go through a commercial composting process to break down.

Several high street retailers including Primark, Monsoon and Selfridges have now moved to using Bioglitter™ based products, as part of a strategy to cut plastic waste in the environment. The product has also received international renown, with awards including the top prize in the green and sustainable category, at the PHCI Fountain Awards 2019 and Gold for innovation at the world’s biggest cosmetic raw material event, in-cosmetics global.

Bioglitter SPARKLE has been independently tested by OWS Belgium, to ISO14851 Fresh Water biodegradability and proven to biodegrade extremely well in the natural environment, with 87 per cent biodegradation achieved in 28 days. Only 3% off meeting the performance criteria required for certification.

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