New, battery-operated reel pusher from Moviroll

Moviroll pushersThe latest models in the Moviroll range of reel pushers have been introduced by manufacturer, Renova Srl, represented in the UK and Ireland by Jarshire.

The new models are battery-operated and have the advantage of free movement without the constraints of pneumatic connections or electrical cables. On a flat surface, operators are able to manoeuvre large and small cylindrical loads, such as corrugated rolls, paper and tissue rolls, and then position them on the roll stand shuttle trolley.

The technology of the range includes a 24V DC IP 44 sealed brush motor powered by a 24V battery, and an electronic system that supervises the operating parameters of the motor and battery.

The plug-and-play battery enables the operator to move up to 120 rolls on just one charge. An optional second battery is recommended in order to facilitate quick changes of battery without interruption to operations. Depending on the state of the battery, the supplied intelligent charger will determine the duration of the recharge.

Two ergonomically designed handle configurations are available, the MRE100 straight version and the MRE100S curved. The throttle has been designed to simplify handling in both forward and reverse gear and is equipped with a variable speed command to suit operator needs. Oversize rear wheels are fitted to overcome holes, ruts and other obstacles.

Both models ensure a thrust force of 6,500kg and a lift force of 3,500kg on shuttle cart up to 40mm high.