Nestlé launches personalised KitKat campaign with HP Indigo technology

HP today announced its involvement in a new campaign by Nestlé, set to print and give away more 56,000 personalised KitKat packs.

The campaign, produced by UK-based HP Indigo customer Ultimate Packaging will be launched in February, and is one of the latest examples of the growing trend for web-to-print personalisation in print and packaging.

With Ultimate’s web-to-print solution working in conjunction with HP Indigo digital presses, Nestlé is able to create an individual, memorable experience for its customers. The lucky winners get to add a photo or a ‘break phrase’ of their own onto a personalised 4-finger KitKat pack which they then receive in a special presentation box.

“As marketers continue to look for ways to win at the shelf and truly connect with their audiences, we will see digital packaging continue to rise in popularity,” said Gido Van Praag, VP & GM, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Europe. “Nestlé’s latest campaign is a testament to the growing trend of personalised packaging, and we are honoured to support such initiatives with our Indigo technology.”

The HP printing solution behind the scenes combined both the HP Indigo 20000 and WS6600 roll-fed digital presses, offering the freedom to produce nearly any flexible packaging application, including flexible packaging, labels, and shrink sleeves on film or paper.

HP Indigo’s digital presses, based on proprietary ElectroInk and digital technology, offer a unique combination of best print-quality in the industry, wide colour gamut, productivity and substrate versatility. They are designed to drive supply chain efficiencies and meet the most stringent demands from brands, as testified by this KitKat campaign.