Neopac Wins Three Prestigious Healthcare Sector Packaging Awards

Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, recently received three high-profile awards for tube solutions in the healthcare sector.

Each of the tube solutions uses Neopac’s high-barrier Polyfoil technology, a proprietary blend of materials providing advanced barrier properties for products requiring ample protection against potentially harmful external factors, including moisture and oxygen.

  • First, Neopac received a 2019 World Star award for its Voltaren “No Mess” Tube and Applicator. In conjunction with GlaxoSmithKline and Nypro, Neopac developed the innovative solution to offer users a cleaner, more hygienic method of applying pain relief medicine. Notably, the intuitive pull/push mechanism of the “No Mess” tube allows the massage tip to close by itself after the application of gel to skin.
  • Neopac’s SteriDrop tube received an Innovation Award from Pharma Manufacturing, a prominent US trade publication. Combined with an ophthalmic squeeze dispenser from partner Aptar Pharma, the packaging concept protects preservative-free eyedrops from microbiological contamination before, during and after initial consumer use. 
  • Neopac also received a German Packaging Award from the esteemed Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut for Canesten, a cream for treating athlete’s foot from Bayer Consumer Health. Here, Neopac’s Polyfoil tube features a special applicator comprised of soft TPE material, allowing patients to apply the cream hands-free – an important benefit as athlete’s foot is a highly contagious fungal infection.