NDC Technologies delivers web, length and speed gauging solutions to leading converters worldwide to drive bottom-line results

IG710S New BackgroundNDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, indicates that more than ever before, converters are being pressured to deliver higher quality products faster while continuously reducing production costs in order to remain economically competitive. NDC has played a pivotal role in helping converters to solve this problem. Over the years, NDC has delivered numerous non-contact web gauging solutions to the leading converters across the world in a wide range of industrial segments. And these technologies have delivered real productivity gains, quality improvements and cost savings.

Precision Web Gauging Meeting Versatile Needs

NDC’s web gauging systems include either scanning or fixed-point sensors with real-time measurement and control of key product parameters such as thickness, moisture and coat weight, depending on the application. There are twelve distinct measurement technologies to ensure that an exact web gauging solution is available for the converting industries; from single coat stations through complex, multi-scanner tandem extrusion lamination lines with advanced measurements and controls.

NDC’s strategies for measuring coat weight include its world-renowned near infrared technologies using a single, direct selective sensor. NDC’s IG710 backscatter gauge can discriminate up to six components for high-resolution measurement of adhesives, wax, polymers, acrylic and water-based coatings. In addition, NDC’s SR710 infrared reflectance gauge is able to measure thin, clear coatings on metallic foils or metalized paper and plastics.

NDC’s coat weight measurement solutions also include a combination measurement using two sensors positioned before and after the coating station where the coat weight is calculated using subtractive techniques. For greater accuracy and measurement performance, NDC’s “Same Spot Measurement” assures that multi-scanner measurements traverse exactly the same path, while the “True Net Coat Measurement” utility allows both sensors (base and coat) to be calibrated against a single coat response curve for accurate coat weight measurement.

Accurate Control of Product Length and Speed

LaserSpeed_PackagingConverters have found it difficult to control the length and speed of web-based products using mechanical contact encoders. A contact encoder with inaccuracies as much as 2% can cost an organization a significant amount of money due to product give-away, waste, maintenance and system downtime.

NDC’s Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed® gauge measures the length and speed of any moving surface with better than ±0.05% accuracy, +/-0.02% repeatability and without contacting the product. LaserSpeed uses laser-based technology to directly, precisely measure web and packaging products involving paper, plastic film and foil. From applications at the slitter/rewinder to coating/laminating to web-roll handing and printing, converters worldwide have replaced their mechanical contact-type encoders with LaserSpeed. This proven technology offers the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability in applications such as:

  • Continuous length measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Differential speed control
  • Cut-to-length control
  • Product positioning
  • Printing and coating application control

As a result, converters have realized numerous production efficiencies and material savings.

For more information, please visit www.ndc.com/converting and www.laserspeed.eu.