Mould Heaters

AEC VCURenmar is the UK home of the AEC TCU and VCU temperature-controlled mould heater range and always holds a significant stock of the most popular models so that delivery can be as little as seven days from placement of order.

While the standard TCU and VCU range of mould heaters will provide a continuous supply of temperature-controlled water up to 120c, units can be ordered that will comfortably handle up to 150c and even though the standard units have a heating capacity of 9 & 12kw, up to 48kw is available to special order.

Designed for injection moulding, both the TCU and VCU models can be easily adapted for other industries such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Off –the-shelf microprocessor based PID Eurotherm temperature controller with Process and Setpoint LED readouts
  • 9-48kw Heaters
  • 1-10HP Pumps
  • Graphic control panel with indicator and warning lights
  • Compact cabinet
  • Independent high temperature safety thermostat
  • Flow rates of 132 to 284 litres per minute with 2.0 to 3.7 bar pressure.

Other changes can be made to factory built units to suit customer requirements such as painted in different colours, controllers with extra parameters, communication ports (RS232/RS485 Modbus), auto purge, audible & visual alarms and more.

Prices for the mould heaters start from £1,250.00 + VAT delivered



CBDRenmar is the UK distributor for the Virginio Nastri range of belt conveyors which feature longer-life belts made from either PVC or PU polyurethane – Super-grip and flighted versions are made from PVC while the smooth, wipe-clean belt is made from PU polyurethane.

The range includes swan-neck, flat bed and inclined versions and is available in a variety of standard widths from 250mm to 420mm – though belt widths up to 1metre are available on flat belt conveyors. The conveying distance will depend on the conveyor type but as each type is of a modular design, customers have plenty of options available.

  • Modular construction for greater flexibility.
  • Conveying speeds to suit customer requirements – 1m per min to 35m per min.
  • Wide range of belt widths.


Prices for the swan neck conveyors start at £2,400.00 + VAT delivered


Hopper Loaders

MA-2 LoaderThe Renmar range of hopper loaders introduced last year have proved enormously popular with companies wanting a top quality product but at a sensible price. The MA range starts with the MA-2 model which has a single phase, 900W motor offering a conveying rate of 60kg per hour. The largest is the MA-7 which can handle up to 150kg of product per hour. The entire range consists of seventeen models.

  • Stainless steel bodies. Body made of stainless steel.
    • LED display panel showing: Loading time control, Filter Cleaning control, No material visual alarm.
    • Filter made of anti-static polyester.

Prices for the hopper loaders start at £575.00 + VAT delivered.


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