Metsä Board earns position on CDP’s Water A List for second year in a row

Metsä Board has been recognised by CDP as a global leader for its actions and strategies to manage water more sustainably. This is the second consecutive year that the company has been positioned on the CDP Water A List, where only four per cent of the companies disclosing were accepted.

The CDP Water A List was announced last year for the first time. Metsä Board was honoured to be one of the eight companies on the 2015 list. This year 607 companies disclosed their water management to CDP, and Metsä Board is one of only 24 global companies to make the 2016 Water A List.

“We’re delighted to have again earned a spot on the CDP Water A List among the world’s best performing companies on water security,” said Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsä Board. “Metsä Board’s mills are located in one of the most water rich areas in the world. However, we still use our water resources efficiently and seek continuously new ways to reduce its use. Responsible water management is a vital part in our resource efficiency programme as reduced water use improves our energy and production efficiency.”

For several years now the company has had extensive development projects to further improve water use and material efficiency. Metsä Board uses only surface water in its production, and around 98 per cent of the used water is returned to its source after careful cleaning. This ensures that the environment surrounding its mills is not affected by the water used.

Furthermore, Joukio was proud to have been invited to take part in a discussion panel at the CDP Global Water Forum on November 15 in Marrakesh where the water results were revealed. The CDP Water A List has been produced at the request of 643 investors with US$67 trillion in assets. It is available on CDP’s website.