Metsä Board brings PE-coated paperboards to the market

Metsa Board PaperboardsAt this year’s drupa show, Metsä Board introduced a line of paperboards that are ideal for consumer goods, retail-ready and food service packaging. In today’s world, requirements for packaging are increasing and paperboard made of fresh forest fibres has successfully responded to these challenges. The company’s globally adopted paperboards protect and promote brands in a wide diversity of point-of-sale environments.

“To support our customers’ businesses, we combine our paperboard know-how with the latest technology,” said CEO Mika Joukio. “As announced in November last year, Metsä Board is investing in a new extrusion line at the Husum mill. We have recently chosen the main suppliers and the project is proceeding. At Husum mill we are also operating Europe’s most modern folding boxboard machine which started production at the beginning of this year.”

The new extrusion line will come on-line during the first half of 2017 and will have a PE coating capacity of approximately 100,000 t/a. Currently PE is the most common barrier against moisture and grease for food and food service packaging. Furthermore Metsä Board is continuing development work on other barrier solutions including the use of bio-based materials.

Metsä Board’s Carta Dedica product family responds to the requirements of the food service market by offering an alternative that is based on renewable fresh forest fibres. It is ideal for cups, plates and trays, for example. Before the new extrusion line starts up, Metsä Board is able to offer food service boards PE-coated by external converters.

Metsä Board is a true paperboard company that concentrates solely on the production of paperboards made from pure fresh forest fibres. The company will end the rest of its paper production during this year.