Meech presents new products designed to improve labelling productivity at Labelexpo Europe 2019

Meech International (Stand 6C34) is displaying its new CyCleanTM R web cleaning system, Hyperion IonCharge50-75w and IonCharge30-15w static generators, and Hyperion 960IPS mid-range, Pulsed DC Ionising bar at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

Staff on the stand are providing insight and information on how these new products, and its long-standing range of web cleaners and ionising bars, can help combat issues in label production.

Ralph Simon, Sales Director at Meech says: “The development of all our new and well-established product ranges has happened in close collaboration with our customers. We work closely with them and the wider industry to understand the issues that arise in label production and then work to devise a bespoke solution.”

An enhanced version of the CyCleanTM, Meech’s CyCleanTM R is a new, innovative web cleaner designed for usage on low-tension, wider webs. A single or double-sided non-contact web cleaner that uses positive and negative airflows, CyCleanTM R compact and capable of handling high-speed webs (up to 800m/min) while using low levels of air consumption.

Upgrades of Meech’s 992V3 30kV and 50kV generators, the Hyperion IonCharge30-15w and IonCharge50-75w are versatile and technologically advanced. IonCharge 30 is compact and simple to install, while IonCharge 50 is Meech’s most powerful static generator. These new generators are suitable for use within a range of applications that require temporary bonding of materials.

Versatile, simple to install and possessing extremely powerful ionisation of up to 15kV, Meech’s new mid-range Pulsed DC Ionising Bar, Hyperion 960IPS, provides 50% greater maximum working distance than its popular predecessor, the 929IPS. The 960IPS has fully adjustable voltage, frequency and balance, making it ideal for use within a wide range of applications.

Meech’s long-standing range of Hyperion products are also on display, including Hyperion static bars 924IPS, 929IPS and 971IPS, alongside Meech’s answer to Industry 4.0 – the Hyperion SmartControl. Meech’s comprehensive range of web cleaners are also on display at its stand, including the CyCleanTM and ShearCleanTM, which will be demonstrating their non-contact cleaning capabilities, alongside contact cleaners TakCleanTM and VacCleanTM.

Simon concludes: “For those looking to counter static charges and web contamination, which can lead label to manufacturing problems that impact on productivity, Meech has an array of solutions. Our staff are ready to answer questions and demonstrate how our new and established products can help businesses maintain a profitable operation and reduce waste.”