Maxcess appoints new Fife and Tidland global product managers

New global product managers Shomari Head and Kristen McPherson
New global product managers Shomari Head and Kristen McPherson

Maxcess, one of the global leaders in products and services for the web handling industry, has appointed Shomari Head and Kristen McPherson as Fife and Tidland global product managers, respectively.

With Maxcess’ expansion through recent acquisitions and mergers with Webex and Fives North American Guiding, these appointments are a result of internal promotions and overall growth, naming former global product managers Darren Irons and Sean Craig as general managers of Fife and Tidland, respectively.

A senior technical service engineer with Fife for nine years, Shomari Head brings nearly a decade of experience in electronics engineering and technical services to the Fife brand. Kristen McPherson comes to Tidland with a broad background of engineering and product management experience from such firms as Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Lightfleet, Planar and Sharp Microelectronics.

“As we continue to experience growth through our recent mergers and acquisitions, implementation of new ERP software and product development, these appointments are an integral step in our thriving business,” said Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “These are exciting times for Maxcess, and Shomari and Kristen will play an integral role in our strategy moving forward.”

Maxcess helps the web handling industry maximise productivity by bringing together the leading brands of Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR. The company has more than 200 years combined experience to help customers improve efficiency and production quality anywhere in the world.