Masters in Motion

Delta ModTech® and Frontier LLC offer innovative solutions for manufacturing a variety of complex medical, pharmaceutical, label, security, RFID, packaging and cosmetic products. Delta ModTech is dedicated to providing precise, flexible and innovative manufacturing solutions worldwide.


Delta ModTech Booth 710 will feature several machine demonstrations.

  • Flex EDGE® Laser Technology – the perfect solution for markets that demand flexibility, new job setup is quick and the ability to recall saved products speeds up changeovers. This system is completely portable and can be used inline or offline with various configurations to allow for production and R&D use in both roll to roll and sheet-fed.
  • Complex Converting demonstration – This Delta ModTech® system will feature a variety of processes including tight tolerance rotary die cutting, multi-layer lamination and precise part placement. This unique system is designed to offer precision parts while minimizing waste of expensive materials. Other Delta ModTech systems may include capabilities such as semirotary, full rotary and laser cutting as well as heat seal pouching. Delta ModTech is dedicated to providing precise, flexible and innovative manufacturing solutions worldwide.

Frontier Booth 624 will feature a Dynacoat. This coater is a compact and completely self-contained lab-scale coating system that sets the industry standard for coating process optimization. Delta ModTech and Frontier provide converting, packaging and coating solutions for customers in the diagnostics, transdermal, electrode, wound care medical, pharmaceutical, security, automotive, electronics and label manufacturing

Visit us in both booth locations, engineers will be on site to confidentially discuss your specific application requirements and help you develop a total solution. Delta ModTech and Frontier systems are custom designed and engineered to meet your application requirements, improve your profitability, and reduce your risk.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your application needs and help you develop a unique manufacturing solution. If you would like to make an appointment please call +1 800-279-3358 or +1 763-755-7744 in Europe +46 706 97 24 34 or visit our website