Low-pressure glue pumps for core-winding: maximizing performance while reducing maintenance

Boasting more than 68 years of experience in the design, manufacture, distribution and support of adhesive dispensing systems for the tissue, pulp, and paper industries, Valco Melton has first-hand knowledge of the most common concerns of core-winders when investing in their glue supply system.

Contrary to the general feeling, the output pressures generated by the more expensive piston pumps are unnecessarily oversized for core winding. Adhesives commonly used in this process contain solids that may damage the pump seals and reduce its lifespan resulting in increased machine downtime and complex maintenance tasks.

Diaphragm pumps however are an excellent alternative to piston pumps offering numerous benefits. Low-pressure pumps work with all kinds of adhesives with minimal wear and required less maintenance resulting in a more cost-effective option.

Valco Melton’s DD-1 diaphragm pump features a unique electronic-reversing mechanism which allows the pump shaft to creep slowly and avoids stroke stalling. The adhesive feed rate for a core winder extrusion line is so low that the pump strokes extremely slow. In consequence, our DD-1 pump is the best choice for a continuous core winding process with no unexpected machine stops.

Valco Melton offers the tissue manufacturing industry including core-winding and the others being tail tie, adhesive pick up for tissue machines, ply lamination, and tissue tack & reel (full sheet transfer system for tissue machines).