Low-migration and low-swelling: hubergroup launches new UV ink systems at UV Days 2017

hubergroup possess expertise when it comes to manufacturing safe food packaging. The printing-ink manufacturer has developed ink systems that are suitable for a number of printing processes and substrates and feature a very low potential to migrate.

hubergroup products have long been viewed in the UV offset segment as reliable consumables for the legally compliant manufacture of food packages made of paper or board. The company is now expanding its UV product portfolio by adding an ink system specially formulated for use on non-absorbent substrates.

Like all of hubergroup’s other low-migration systems, the new ink system being launched under the brand name ‘NewV poly MGA’ at this year’s UV Days event complies with the ‘EuPIA Guideline on Printing Inks applied to the Non-Food-Contact Surface of Food Packaging Materials and Articles’. The cured ink film contains only components that do not migrate or migration-capable constituents that have been evaluated for contact with foodstuffs.

“More and more printing houses and packers are now taking advantage of the benefits offered by the UV process”, says Roland Schröder, product manager UV Offset at hubergroup. “Rapid curing, rub resistance and excellent gloss are characteristics that are also valued highly by manufacturers of branded food products sold in primary packaging. However, until now it has been difficult to obtain top-quality print results on non-absorbent substrates that also comply with the stringent rules regarding food safety. Our new ink series fills this gap.”

All UV inks, both for the non-food and the food segments will from now on be formulated as systems completely independent of the roller material, and consequently suitable for use with all blankets and ink rollers. As a result, printers won’t be forced to spend as much time and effort on cleaning or replacing blankets – which in turn will also bring economic and ecological benefits.

“Printers who have previously preferred to use ink rollers and blankets designed for working with a variety of different ink series, instead of ones specifically for UV inks, and who have experienced problems as a result, can now breathe easy,” Schröder announces. “That’s because our new UV inks feature low-swelling properties are no longer tied to a specific roller or blanket system.”

Hubergroup will have a stand at the UV Days hosted in Nürtingen, Germany, May 15-18, 2017. Visitors will be able to find out more about the company’s newest update to its UV ink series – a series adapted to meet the requirements of the next generation of UV curing systems.