Long-serving members of the BCF recognised at 2017 Annual Conference

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) recognised long-serving members of the Federation with 25 and 50 year membership awards at their Annual Conference in May.

40 companies in total were honoured for their continued commitment as members of the federation and BCF’s CEO Tom Bowtell personally presented over half with plaques to commemorate their years of service.

Bowtell commented, “Over 30 per cent of our manufacturer members have been in constant membership for at least 25 years, and 20 members have been with us every year for over 50 years. We continue to serve our members, and it’s a testament to the support levels from BCF staff that we have such loyal associates. I’m looking forward to giving out future awards as our Federation continues to grow in membership.”

The Annual Conference and its accompanying dinner, took place mere days after the attack on Manchester, and donations were collected at the event in support of the Red Cross Manchester Emergency Fund, and evening celebrations cancelled in honour of the victims. To date, the collection has raised over £4,000.

To see a full list of award winners, visit www.coatings.org.uk/Members/member-recognition