Local company sponsors Atlantic Challenge

Award winning local company, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques, generated some electricity of their own this week when Mark Sealey, a director of Net Telecoms, visited with his ocean-going rowing boat. The Fraser team were keen to hear about Mark’s preparations for one of the world’s toughest endurance events, the Talisker Atlantic Challenge.

Starting from San Sebastiean in La Gomera and finishing in Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour, Antigua, participants spend up to three months at sea, covering 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

Fraser is sponsoring Mark and his colleague to enter the December 2018 challenge, and the team are currently in the final stages of raising last minute corporate sponsorship.

Sealey and his colleague Alan Bustin-Mulkern, a former member of the Royal Artillery and an avid sports enthusiast, were asked why they are entering the race, Sealey said: “I was watching a TV programme a few years ago with my partner Jo, and it was covering the Talisker event. Something about the challenge really struck a chord. I turned to Jo and said, I’m going to do that! Through a series of events, I met up with Alan and here we are!

“The preparation and planning going into this event is tremendous, and the support from the organisers has been excellent. We’re hoping to finalise sponsorship over the next few months, and complete the December 2018 race in 49 days.”

When Fraser was asked why it was sponsoring Sealey, Bruce Clothier CEO, said: “Although we’re a local company, our products are sold throughout the world. The size of this challenge, the pioneering spirit and cutting edge technology really resonated with us. The team are incredibly excited to see how the race will progress in 2018.”

Sealey and Bustin-Mulkern are hoping to raise £100,000 in sponsorship for Devon Free Wheelers, more can be found out about their challenge here.