Large Capability for Small Production Runs

Adhesive Tape Converters Automated Press, Lynvale LtdTraditionally better known as one the UK’s leading converters of Technical Adhesive Tapes Lynvale are fast becoming known for their exceptional converting skills of other flexible products. They have recently extended their already impressive array of converting machinery with two machines which have transformed the way in which prototypes can be converted and supplied to the end user in a matter of days with little or no tooling costs.

“Whilst we have many  customers that  understand the converting process and whom appreciate and expect the cost of tooling contributions for our rotary die cutting machines, those less familiar with our industry can be a little startled when it comes to the primary costs of getting an initial design concept off the ground. Even with our generous tooling discounts the cost of a custom made rotary die cutting tool can literally stop a project in its tracks. Whilst our rotary die cutting machines are great for high volume precision cutting there was something missing in between our range of travelling head presses, slit re-winders and rotary die cutters.  With a research process that lasted over eight months we commissioned a custom made CAD Operated Plotter Cutter and a Fully Automated Cutting Press. Installation and training was completed in the summer and these machines are already running at 50% capacity. Both machines offer increased flexibility to the size of the finished parts and dramatically reduce the cost of tooling. We are proud of our plant and team, if you’d like to meet us and take a look at these machines we’d be delighted to show you*” Simon Baxendale, Managing Director of Lynvale Ltd

Adhesive Tape Converters, Plotter Cutting Services, Lynvale LtdCustom Made CAD Operated Plotter Cutter (Zero Tooling Costs)

*Kiss Cut Parts *Cut Through Parts *Max Part Size: 1300mm x 3000mm (max thickness 30mm) *Suited to Low Qty Production Runs

Custom Made Fully Automated Cutting Press (Tooling approx. £75 – £399)

*Kiss Cut Parts *Cut Through Parts *Max Part Size: 600mm x 600mm *Max Sheet Size: 600mm x 2500mm *Suited to Medium-High Qty Production Runs


If you require a technical adhesive tape, flexible gasket or access to a free issue converter that will look after your material as if it were their own then you need to make contact with Lynvale


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Lynvale Adhesive Tapes & Flexible Conversions

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*Factory tours by strict appointment only