KSM, a leader in contact cleaning technologies, has completed the launch of a new website, new branding and substantial enhancements to its product range in terms of functionality, efficiency and design – all of which delivers increased value to customers.

KSM’s portfolio of products permanently remove surface contamination from a wide range of materials used in critical processes during the converting operation to include printing, sheeting, slitting and coating. There are many sources of contamination in the production environment. Dust, dirt, fibres, insect debris and human debris such as skin particles and hair will all affect the efficient running of converting equipment and can introduce very costly downtime.  Once present, loose particles are extremely difficult to locate and remove once introduced into the complex sequence of rollers.

The materials used in converting such as papers and films are also prime sources of contamination. The contamination problem is further compounded by the fact that the moving web of material generates a static charge which attracts airborne loose particles on to the surface of the web. If not removed, these particles can cause significant operational and cosmetic issues such as streaking, pinholes and ‘fish eyes’. By effectively removing contamination, yields can be increased, defects eliminated, wastage reduced and profitability increased.

Active in the industrial film and paper converting sector for over 20 years, the KSM Superclean range of products includes:

  • Custom Web & Sheet Cleaners
  • Manual Cleaning Kits
  • Adhesive Rolls
  • Replacement Cleaning Rollers
  • A Cleaning Roller re-coating and re-grinding service
  • Adhesive Floor Mats
  • Hand-held cleaning rollers
  • IPA Wipes.

At the beginning of 2017 KSM became part of the Rainbow Technology Systems group of companies.  Rainbow is an innovative design, manufacturing and consumables supply company based in Glasgow.   Its projects range from bespoke process automation solutions to the supply of materials and chemistry expertise to a wide range of industries.

David Westwood, Sales & Marketing Manager of Rainbow Technology Systems, said: “With the commercial and technical backing of Rainbow, the KSM Superclean brand is now positioned to be an even greater force in contact cleaning.  Our team has decades of experience in this sector on a global basis across many industries.  Our product spectrum ranges from the manufacture of custom-made contact cleaning equipment to the supply of the highest quality consumables. We recently introduced a Contact Cleaning Roller re-coating and re-grinding service which enables customers to significantly extend the life of their rollers at optimum performance. We continue to innovate the fundamental characteristics of our products to deliver increased operational efficiencies and performance – of which two such innovations are poised for launch.”

He added: “Sales of KSM products increased dramatically in 2017 as we reached more customers with our value proposition, and already 2018 is forecast to be even better.  Our mission is to provide customers with the best value contact cleaning solutions world-wide.  We greatly value face to face meetings with customers whereby we can fully understand their goals for contact cleaning, after which we provide custom solutions for machines and consumables specifically designed for their application. A huge factor in this is being able to call on Rainbow’s extensive in-house expertise in product design, manufacturing and chemistry.”

To enable customers to experience the cleaning performance of KSM Superclean products first-hand in their production facility, the company currently supplies the Superclean Particle Assessment Kit (SC PAK). This is made available to customers upon request on a no-cost, no obligation basis.


For further information about KSM please visit https://www.rainbow-technology.com/solutions/ksm-superclean/ or email Sales@ksmsuperclean.com