KROENERT now owns 100% of DRYTEC

drying tunnel on a MCO 5000 coaterThe company DRYTEC was founded some 20 years ago by the majority shareholder, KROENERT, and the two DRYTEC general managers, Bernward Kurpisch and Jürgen Wahrmund, for the development and construction of drying and humidification system.

The company has always worked in close cooperation with the KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC group. Now, and with effect from May 1st, 2015, KROENERT has taken over 100% of the shareholding. This restructuring was necessitated by succession planning for Jürgen Wahrmund, who will be retiring in a few years.

Drytec premisesThere will be no changes in day-to-day operations: customers will continue to receive the same quick and competent advice. Messrs. Kurpisch and Wahrmund will continue to lead company management; at the same time, Jürgen Wahrmund is training a technical manager who will, in due course, take over his tasks.

“Drying technology, as much as winding technology, coating technology and drive and control management, is integral to KROENERT lines,” says Dr. Tarik Vardag, Managing Director of KROENERT-BMB-DRYTEC. “All key technology is now available from a single source; for our customers this means quick decision -making, rapid response to technological change and continuous developments of all sectors.  This ensures that KROENERT can continue to offer its customers products of the highest technological standards, giving them a head start in the market.”

As leaders in technology and innovation in the coating field, KROENERT will continue to consistently develop the drying technology sector. “We will continue to invest in innovation as we strive to extend our leadership in technology across all sectors,” says
Dr. Tarik Vardag.