Komori H-UV curing systems in Europe

Pixartprinting now boasts the largest number of Komori H-UV curing systems in Europe. Three brand-new GL840P H-UV LED systems are now in operation in Quarto d’Altino, and two existing models have been upgraded to H-UV. There are more 8-colour 70 x 100 cm systems, featuring this drying technology, than any other firm in Europe.

“The expansion of our product catalogue is closely linked to our technological innovation, a distinctive feature of our growth strategy which is part of our DNA and involves all our departments,” explained Paolo Roatta, managing director at Pixartprinting. “Developing increasingly standardised processes with ever higher levels of automation allows us to simultaneously reduce production times and increase quality, guaranteeing improved efficiency in processing orders and resulting in improved customer satisfaction.”

The decision to move from a conventional set-up, to H-UV and H-UV LED curing stemmed from a necessity to optimise the production cycle. Offering quicker drying and reduced start-up times, this technology speeds up printing on a wide range of materials, increasing the overall productivity and reducing delivery times. The technology also eliminates the need for anti-set-off spraying, which as well as ensuring a clean working environment also removes a step from the finishing process, allowing orders to be completed more quickly. Print quality was another important factor in Pixartprinting’s move to H-UV, as the output is excellent and the technology offers increased versatility for creating products.

True to style, the configuration of the equipment requested by Pixartprinting pushes the boundaries in terms of automation, including fully automatic plate changing, registration and colour management and a new air feeding system, which uses low-energy pumps and compressors. Furthermore, the H-UV LED and H-UV technology helps to improve workplace safety by reducing the temperature produced when curing inks compared to traditional ovens. Finally, the GL840P H-UV LED systems are equipped with an encapsulation system for the printing units, preventing ink misting during production and therefore safeguarding the health of the equipment operators.

The collaboration between our R&D department and the R&D teams at equipment manufacturers demonstrates our aim to build strategic partnerships with ambitious joint objectives,” underlined Alessio Piazzetta, plant manager at Pixartprinting. “Talking to high-tech companies like Komori, who are willing to re-engineer and design systems for us on demand and customise equipment to satisfy our needs, has allowed us to achieve unprecedented results over the years. The project to update our offset printing equipment was particularly challenging, but thanks to our teamwork we have achieved even better results than we expected, and in a short period of time.”

The collaboration between Pixartprinting and Komori, which began in 2009, has on several occasions involved implementing exclusive solutions, which became a global benchmark for the printing market. In 2011, the Venetian web-to-print company made waves by being the first client outside Japan to install completely automated Komori machinery, and it has been a trailblazer in the sector, helping to reinforce the culture of H-UV and H-UV LED technology in Europe.

“It is a privilege to work with Pixartprinting, an undisputed pioneer that pushes us to improve our performance in terms of both productivity and optimising processes,” commented Silvano Bianchi, managing director of Komori Italia. “Our technological partnership with this dynamic company is a constant work in progress. I can reveal that we are currently looking at new solutions, which will soon be implemented and which will once more represent a benchmark for the world of printing.”