Kodak showcases high-performance offset printing plate

Kodak Electra MAXKodak is maximising plate performance and improving the sustainability of its customers’ operations with the announcement of the KODAK ELECTRA MAX Thermal Plate. The new offset printing plate was showcased at Labelexpo Europe 2015 last week.

Kodak’s new ELECTRA MAX Plate offers maximum capabilities and stability for printers, such as long unbaked run lengths, strong chemical resistance, and 10-micron FM and 450 lpi (180 lines/cm) AM resolution capabilities. The plate is suitable for use in a diverse range of printing environments; it is ideal for printers using UV curable inks and particularly well suited for offset packaging printing as well as web publication and commercial sheetfed printing.

Preliminary tests have confirmed that the new plate achieves an unbaked run length of 500,000 impressions in web offset applications, 350,000 in sheetfed applications, and 150,000 in UV applications (these specifications are subject to change). The ELECTRA MAX Plate delivers low developer consumption and long run lengths with no preheat requirements, making it ideal for offset printers looking to boost performance in platemaking and on press while increasing their sustainability.

“Kodak works constantly to develop new products and services which help its customers improve the competitiveness and sustainability of their operations,” said Brad W. Kruchten, president, print systems division and senior vice president, Eastman Kodak Company.

“Our new ELECTRA MAX Plate lives up to this claim. Printers in virtually any segment of the offset market can now benefit from a versatile plate that fulfills the highest possible performance and quality requirements and lessens their environmental impact during the platemaking process.”

The new KODAK ELECTRA MAX Plate will be available in Europe for testing under controlled sales starting this month; general availability in Europe is planned for later this year.