Kite Packaging significantly increases stretch film range

The recent acquisition of Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists will now give Kite Packaging one of the biggest market-leading offerings in a key product range.

Employee-owned packaging distribution group, Kite Packaging, has announced the addition of an extensive range of new product lines to its pallet wrap product portfolio. Supported by its recent strategic acquisition of Golden Valley Pallet Wrap Specialists, Kite now offers one of the most significant ranges in the market. With several key ex-Golden Valley employees also joining the Kite team, the company now boasts a market-beating offering in both product and expertise.

Across the UK there are a wide range of industry and company types, for whom stretch wrap is a critical product to their business function. The expansion of Kite’s product range, with the addition of a variety of new types of specialist films, means they can provide solutions to an ever more diverse range of companies.

High performance stretch films have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly with distribution companies and ecommerce businesses. Typically, high volume users are sensitive to the need for reliable, good quality films at very competitive prices. Similarly, the food industry in the UK consumes vast quantities of stretch wrap across their supply chain.

Kite has historically supplied both hand and machine films in very large quantities, typically in the automotive, food and engineering sectors. By doubling the volume of product lines available in its machine stretch film range the company can now build on a strong track record, already supplying automated pallet wrap machinery systems and a dedicated range of films.

Brand new to Kite’s stretch wrap category is the addition of custom printed stretch film. This gives customers the option of branding stretch wrap with their own logo. Kite themselves have seen great success over the years in building its own brand presence in the industry and so understand the power of strong marketing.

Managing partner, Jake Kirk, commented: “Product branding is an essential requirement for any good company. Stretch film is typically applied to products being transported by road, air or sea. Having branded stretch wrap ensures your name is being seen throughout the journey.”