Keystone Folding Box launches Ecoslide-OTC: A compact, child-resistant paperboard package for medication in blisters

Keystone Folding Box, a designer and cGMP manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has launched Ecoslide-OTC, a child-resistant paperboard pack for over the counter medication packaged in blisters.

Making its debut at NACDS Total Store Expo, August 19-22 in San Diego, the eco-friendly solution features a push-button locking mechanism that provides child-resistance, while eliminating the need for the more traditional, two-step peel or push-through foil that many consumers find difficult to open.

The Ecoslide-OTC re-closable locking mechanism is identical to a newly-enhanced, easier-to-activate version found on the company’s new Ecoslide-RX 3.0 package. Ecoslide-RX, which has consistently achieved the highest child resistance rating (F=1) through multiple tests and gained widespread consumer acceptance, is used to package both clinical trial material and commercial prescription products. Similarly, Ecoslide-OTC’s simple push-button re-closable locking mechanism addresses long-standing consumer complaints about the intricate, often cumbersome removal process required by most over the counter peel and push child-resistant blister packs.

Ecoslide-OTC has been identified in consumer research as both conveniently sized and easy to open – these benefits are further enhanced by the increased area to print information or illustrations (when compared to similar-sized bottles). In developing Ecoslide OTC, Keystone Folding Box Co. worked closely with prominent contract packagers who are now reporting growing requests from major retail chains for new approaches to child-resistant OTC packaging.

True to its name, Ecoslide-OTC is made from 100 per cent recyclable paperboard. It is easily separated from its internal blister for recycling; the blister is disposed of, but contains only a fraction of disposable plastic when compared to bottles. The challenge with recycling traditional prescription medicine bottles is that most curbside programs do not accept them. According the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), prescription bottles smaller than three inches in all directions will not be recycled, and ultimately become landfill waste.

“With Ecoslide OTC, our goal is to provide an enhanced consumer experience within the child-resistant and senior-friendly space,” said Ward Smith, director of marketing and business development at Keystone Folding Box Co. “When you think about this market, the solutions currently on the shelves have remained basically unchanged for over 40 years. Millenials are continuously seeking attractive, alternative, eco-friendly packaging, while the growing senior population is looking for solutions that are easier to open. Ecoslide-OTC addresses all of these challenges.”