Jarshire and Dotec at PPMA

Jarshire, specialist supplier of converting, packaging and printing equipment, together with Dotec, manufacturer of reel and roll handling equipment, have high expectations for the PPMA show, which has proved to be an effective platform for them in recent years.

Dotec’s roll and reel handling equipment that has been recognised for its efficiency and operator safety will be displayed at the show. A gantry system will be operational with an RH90 tilt and turn roll handler, together with a unique vacuum turner for boxes and bags.

Jarshire will be demonstrating the operator-friendly Moviroll roll, reel pusher from Renova. On a flat surface, with either pneumatic or battery-operated versions, an operator can effortlessly manoeuvre both large and small cylindrical loads before placing them on a roll stand or shuttle. The pusher is therefore ideal for handling paper, tissue and converting rolls simply and safely.

There will be information provided on the cutting technology of Jarshire’s Espo knife-holders, which facilitate functional in-line integration to all existing winders, slitters, sheeters and web processing machines, no matter the substrate. Features include a quick and highly accurate positioning system, and reliable and operator-friendly operation for all styles of slitting, from shear, razor or crush cut. High quality steels are used in top and bottom blades to suit customers’ applications and to provide long-life.

A further demonstration will be on the lightweight airshafts from Svecom that provide operator-friendly and efficient insertion and withdrawal of the shaft from the reels, whilst speeding up production through quicker reel changes. The Svecom shaft will centre cores; run concentric and faster than competitive products; carry more reel weight; will cope with reused or worn cores and has greater gripping power.

Lastly, there will be information on a pneumatically-operated Jarshire Reelsaver that reduces waste. Its tapered jaws are inserted into old or damaged 3″, 6″, or 8″ ID cores and expanded to return the core to its original shape. Therefore, packaging material that once had to be put aside because of damage sustained during transit or on-site handling can now be back in the production stream within minutes.