IST (UK) now implementing LEDcure SCR retrofits

“For some time we have offered retrofits of conventional, LED and LE UV units for a wide range of printing presses and now that IST METZ has launched LEDcure SCR for narrow web label machines we can also retrofit this latest generation technology with immediate effect,” says Simon Mitchell, joint managing director of IST (UK). “This can be done in the field with minimal disruption to production. We always work closely with customers to get the timing right and retrofits come with warranties.”

The modular LEDcure SCR system can be tailored to all rotary and flexo presses with a scaleable width of 90 to 540mm. The system can be retrofitted by IST (UK) engineers speedily and easily. The packaging includes cables, power supply, control and chiller, full light shielding and interlocking for total safety compliance.

“There is growing interest in LED in both the litho and narrow web markets and we are taking an increasing number of enquiries about the technology and its advantages,” says Mr Mitchell. “IST METZ has specialised in UV for over 40 years and provides conventional UV, LED and LE/HUV options for new equipment and retrofits in the field. ITL, which specialises in UV options for digital equipment, is part of our group and jointly developed our X8 booster, which reduces energy usage with the UV options by up to 30%, and also the new LEDcure SCR.

“Other European countries are currently ahead of the UK in the adoption of LED but we are fielding more calls at the moment. Uncertainty surrounding Brexit makes printers reticent about making major capital investments so retrofit is a good way of adding value to a press, a way of extend the services a printer offers. The UV technologies enhance the quality of print and reduce turnaround times. Development in equipment and inks is rapid and this is likely to be a hot topic at LabelExpo later this year and Drupa next year,” says Mr Mitchell.

UV Days, an annual conference and exhibition, could signpost the direction for all matters UV. It is being held at IST METZ in Nürtingen, near Stuttgart, from 13 to 16 May is proving popular with over 50 suppliers running stands and nearly 1,000 visitors already signed up. The theme this year is Tradition meets Modernity.

IST (UK) is based in in a 400m² facility in Skipton which includes training and presentation areas, systems and spares storage as well as being the main base for the sales and service team.