IQ Easy. The most versatile, most effective and easy to use static control system!

Manager IQ EasySimco-Ion makes it Easy!

Introducing a new level of static control; the heart of the new IQ Easy platform is the Manager IQ Easy. It comprises of a Control unit with a 7” LCD touch screen, provides information from all the connected devices and makes it easy to change and monitor status and parameters. Up to 6 IQ devices can be directly connected to the Manager IQ Easy. The 24V DC power distribution is routed via the Manager, so no extra cables! This makes the connection of a device even easier than connection to a single desktop power supply.

The IQ Easy platform makes it easy to control all devices in a static electricity system.
Independent of their function, whether it is an anti-static bar, charging generator, perforation detector or measuring device, they can all communicate with the IQ Easy manager.

The Manager IQ Easy converts the input voltage to 24V DC and provides power to all 6 ­connected devices.

Further extension of devices is possible using the Extension IQ Easy. This adds ­another 6 devices to the system with a maximum of 30.

2 ports on each Manager or Extension are available for the connection of ­previous ­(non IQ) Easy products e.g. Performax Easy.

Slitting machine-Performax IQ Easy-Sensor IQ EasyInterfacing:

Communication to machine interfaces is provided. Analogue and digital inputs, ­outputs and several serial fieldbus protocols can be used. Also Ethernet and USB ports are available for many functions.

Pro-Active ionisation control:

Through Simco-Ion’s patented technology of upstream charge evaluation, it is ­possible to fine tune neutralisation of static in combination with a Performax IQ Easy anti-static bar. Adding a Sensor IQ Easy to the system will allow the user to measure the downstream charge on the material. The system can also be perfected further to enhance ­efficiency and allow quality control. Sensor IQ EasyClosed loop measuring and adjustment of the static bar output will guarantee an extremely low level of residual charge.

Data logging:

Al device and process parameters are logged in real time and can be made ­visible on the LCD screen or downloaded through the Ethernet interface.

The LCD display is beautifully styled and clearly organised giving the ­operator an i­mmediate overview and status of the system. All information is colour coded and ­visible from a long distance.
Operators will be notified of any status changes within the system. If all buttons are blue all devices are running. If a button turns orange/yellow a warning has been issued meaning the operator has to attend the issue, for example anti-static bars need cleaning to ensure optimum performance. When the button turns red there is an alarm situation.


  • Pro active static control
  • Closed loop feed back adding a sensor
  • Residual static charge < 1 kV @ > 1000 m/min
  • 7” full colour touch screen
  • Informative screens showing ionisation efficiency and static charge levels
  • Plug & play
  • 24V DC supply voltage (no high voltage cables)

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