Introducing the Corematic 12 inch ( 300mm ) dia Fibre Core Splitter

image1Rolpex based in Hadfield, Glossop, Derbyshire announces the introduction of the Kestrel Corematic 12 inch ( 300mm ) dia Fibre Core Splitter.

No longer do you have to fill your waste skip/trolley with large diameter fibre cores, which, lets face it, is 99% fresh air. The Corematic Vertically Splits the 300mm i/d core into 4 quadrants which are then removed by the operator and stacked and strapped to a pallet. Now your waste collector visit’s your facility maybe once per week instead of daily to remove the fibre cores.

image2The Corematic Core Splitter is built to order in core length sizes of 610mm to 1830mm with a wall thickness of 12.5mm to 19.0mm.

The power requirements are 6 bar air pressure and 220v supply.

Fully CE Certified and safe to operate. Reduces your waste footprint by 10:1 and helps you obtain a better price for your waste material.

Call Rolpex for an offer on your Corematic size requirements.

0161 449 7707