Intelligent coating solutions from Drytac

dry1Finding a self-adhesive material that always performs for your application can be a difficult task. Whether it’s a double sided tape, label, protective film or transfer adhesive, Drytac can develop a self-adhesive solution that works every time.

There are literally thousands of combinations of face materials, carriers, print primers, release liners and adhesives available on the market but… what is it that you really need to stand out from the crowd?

Drytac can choose the best combination of materials & offer a bespoke solution for your self-adhesive requirements.

  • Do you have issues with hot or cold temperatures? We have adhesives which can be applied at -30C and withstand 140C after application.
  • Do you need an adhesive which bonds well to rough, uneven, curved or low energy surfaces? Drytac is able to offer solvent based, water based & hot melt adhesive which allows us to choose the best technology for your application.
  • Does your label need to be cleanly removed, repositioned or re-bonded several times? Drytac has adhesives that offer a permanently repositionable solution.
  • Does your laminate need to be breathable? Drytac have facilities to perforate most flexible materials and also pattern coat adhesives in stripes or dots.
  • Do you have a medical application that requires an adhesive approved for direct skin contact? We have certified adhesives suitable for plasters, dressings and surgical drapes.
  • Would a coloured or scented adhesive help to differentiate your product from the competition? Our relationships with the world’s leading adhesive manufacturers means all these options are possible.
Developing a bespoke product is not as expensive as you might think. Drytac can produce your material in runs from as little as 5,000 linear metres to over 1,000,000 linear metres. The bottom line; Drytac can provide exactly what you need.


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