Integrated Packaging cleans up with Flexo Wash

– at its Regency Park plant in Adelaide, Australia

Integrated Packaging (IPG) is renowned for offering an extensive range of products and services to meet almost any packaging requirement with a vast distribution network and experienced team, providing blown film, flexographic printing, slitting/rewinding and converted bags, predominantly for fresh produce applications.

A significant part of the company’s daily production process is printing flexible packaging, and increased demand for high quality, eight-colour printed graphics on fresh food packaging led the company to install a new wide web flexo press to expand capacity at its Regency Park plant.

IPG uses flat-top photopolymer plates in the printing process because of the higher printing quality they offer. However, to guarantee consistent high quality of their flexible film printing the company needed to invest in the right plate cleaning equipment. With a need to clean up to 300 plates per month, which takes on average 30 minutes each when done manually, IPG was investing too much time which was reducing the business’ overall productivity.

In addition to the time being taken, manual washing also damages the plates, so to achieve consistent and efficient cleaning of the plates, as well as extend their life span, IPG required a better solution for time saving, colour consistency, and extended plate lifespan.

IPG had had previous experience with Jet Technologies, the area representative for Danish manufacturer Flexo Wash, when it installed an FW Anilox Cleaner three years ago. So, it was natural when looking to invest in new equipment and achieve the same good outcome, that IPG turned to Jet Technologies again. The machine chosen was one of Flexo Wash’s PW82 Plate Washing units. The stainless-steel unit is designed for sustained high quality performance on inks of all types without damage to the plates.

The PW82 model, which has become the acknowledged industry standard, has a number of key benefits including easy plate loading by a speed adjustable conveyer belt; gentle cleaning process for all types of ink; user-friendly plug ‘n play technology; and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning liquids. In addition, its sturdy construction provides sustained performance with limited requirement for maintenance.

With the high volume of plates to be cleaned at IPG, Darryl Wilson of Jet Technologies commented: “The Flexo Wash PW82 is capable of performing at the same high-level day after day and was well suited to IPG’s needs. The average processing time now is only three minutes per running plate metre, significantly reducing IPG’s cleaning times, which in turn has improved the efficiency and productivity of operations. In addition, the quick and gentle cleaning process is fully automatic and leaves the plates 100 percent clean and dry.”

The new Flexo Wash unit has fitted in well with IPG’s daily operations, with no disruption to printing and productivity. The knowledge, expertise and local support provided by Jet Technologies ensured a smooth installation and implementation, with onsite training provided to integrate the new equipment seamlessly.