Integrated ink logistics at drupa 2016

At drupa 2016, GSE Dispensing (Hall 3, Stand F50) exhibits ink logistics solutions that eliminate waste, enable repeatable colour on demand and reduce setup times in the label and package printing workflow. Designed for flexo, gravure and screen ink applications, these comprise dispensing systems for spot and process colours, ink bucket washers, table-top off-line proofing systems and integrated ink management software.

Stand highlights include the Colorsat Compact dispensing system, the Evolution Series Perfect Proofer and the Colorclean Indigo bucket washer.

Maarten Hummelen, marketing director for the company, commented: “As packaging and label printers face the pressure to become more flexible and offer shorter production runs and lead times, driving waste out of the process becomes a top priority. The theme of our drupa stand, ‘Think Lean!’ emphasises that GSE Dispensing’s solutions are integral to a safe, efficient print workflow, in which human talent is free to focus on creative, added-value work.”

Colorsat dispensing programme enables ‘colour on demand’

GSE’s Colorsat range of modular dispensing systems mix and dispense inks, to precise quality and quantity specifications, in minutes. The dispensers cater for UV, water-based and solvent-based inks. Offering fast installation, easy use and easy maintenance, the dispensing programme offers reduced setup times, ink-yield increases of over 30 per cent thanks to easy re-use of press-return inks, a cleaner colour mixing environment and better stock management.


GSE Dispensing has also strengthened its commitment to safe working environments for solvent-based ink users, by becoming the first supplier of dispensing components with IECEx explosion-proof certification. IECEx stands for the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.

At drupa 2016, GSE will exhibit earthing (‘grounding’) solutions for conducting static electricity from containers and inks. The earth clamp, secured inside the bucket and connected by wire to the ground, eliminates the risk of sparks that can lead to explosions when highly flammable vapours are present in the atmosphere.

Colorclean drum and bucket washers

The redesigned and fully-automated Colorclean drum and bucket washers are an easy and efficient way of cleaning containers used to store inks. Water is forced through a series of rotary brushes that clean the inside and outside of the containers. At drupa 2016, GSE Dispensing will showcase the new Colorclean Indigo bucket washer, with minimal water consumption, as an integral part of the ink logistics workflow.

All dispensing units use GSE’s Ink Management Software (IMS), a user-friendly production management tool that can be integrated with the packaging converter’s chosen colour formulation software. IMS enables the operator to view recipe data and ink costings related to each job, store new colour specifications and re-use return inks in new jobs. The software also facilitates ingredient tracking through the supply chain, by storing batch data about every job.

Time-saving offline proofing

At the stand, the GSE-associated company, Print Proof Solutions, will also highlight its new Evolution Series table-top wet-proofing systems at the stand. Using the identical photopolymer printing plate materials, adhesive tapes, substrates, doctor blades and anilox roll types as those used on the job, it provides a precise, predictable means of near-line proofing. The equipment is capable of achieving an accuracy of within 1 DeltaE of the target colour on the press.