Indonesian label converter reports the impact of new GEW UV system

GEW IndonesiaPT Aneka Rupa Tera in Indonesia has equipped its Comco label press with GEW UV curing for increased production efficiency and improved reliability.

PT Aneka Rupa Tera (ART) was originally founded in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city, in 1985 and moved to a larger production facility in Sidoarjo, East Java in 2006. Today the company is one of the major label converters in the country and operates some 20 printing presses on a 9,000 square metre site.

ART specialises in self-adhesive labels and package printing. To deliver quality and product choice to its local and international customer base the company upgraded its 13-inch wide Comco Proglide flexo label press with GEW E2C UV curing systems complete with chill rollers and RHINO electronic power supplies on all nine print stations.

Tomy Suhartojo, ART assistant director, explained: “We wanted the latest UV technology with the possibility of running 30-micron unsupported film material. We already had good experience with GEW UV systems on two Mark Andy XP5000 presses. Only GEW was able to offer us the capability of handling film with far less power than the older system and the reliability supported by local service and technical support in Indonesia.”

GEW IndonesiaDuring his recent visit to ART, Marcus Greenbrook, international sales manager at GEW, confirmed: “We have a successful cooperation with Press Systems in Thailand to cover South-East Asia, with technical support, spare parts warehouse and repair centre for both mechanical and electronic components which means they are able to offer a fast and professional service to our customers in the region.”
With the GEW E2C system ART achieves better temperature control, dependable performance and is able to satisfy the stringent quality requirements of its clients. Suhartojo concluded: “We are able to run extremely thin film on the Comco press without any issues on the material. The GEW UV system helps us avoid bottlenecks and wasteful downtime.”

Greenbrook added: “Label converters appreciate the serenity of GEW’s Embedded Service package and the peace of mind of a five-year warranty that comes with the RHINO UV systems.”

The RHINO power supply is supplied, as standard, with GEW’s Embedded Service which allows remote monitoring of the systems’ running condition, allowing the manufacturer’s service engineers to detect and correct out of tolerance parameters. This type of remote preventive maintenance ensures the entire UV system operates at peak performance at all times, thus avoiding unplanned machine stoppages.