Icma Kind launch demonstrates commitment to ethical and sustainable development

The new paper collection is characterised by distinctive sustainable aspects. The papers are 100% recycled, FSC Recycled Credit, and produced without chlorine or optical bleachings. The papers with natural brown and black verso are not deinked. The production process is integrated, saving water and energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

Equally central to the project are the sophisticated aesthetics and tailoring, which nurture the accumulated know-how of over 85 years’ experience in the surface finishing of paper and cardboard.

The collection includes three series: 100% R Bases, Waves, and Linen.

100% R Bases (pictured above) is made up of 13 items in three colour variants: natural white, natural brown, and black. Each colour is available either smooth or embossed. The smooth white comes in 120, 190, and 250 gsm, natural brown in 90, 125, and 190gsm, and black in 90gsm. The new textures have been chosen from among the 200 embossing options in Icma’s heritage, with the goal of subtly enhancing the natural bases.

Linen is a reproduction of the canvases used as a noble covering material, with faithful colour variations typical of natural fibres. It’s an elegant, extensive, and fresh range, comprising 18 papers divided into warm and cool tones. The colours range from natural white, baby blue, navy blue, and terracotta to fern green, coral red, sand, and charcoal grey. All the papers are available in cover substance.

Waves is an Eastern-inspired series, whose subtle beauty refers to the typical atmosphere of peace, harmony, and serenity of Japanese zen gardens. The distinctive element is the line that plays with perspective and harmonious forms on the sheet of paper.

Waves is also the highest expression of tailoring. With its first interpretations on paper dating back to the post-WWII period and now jealously guarded in Icma’s historical archive, the texture becomes the absolute protagonist and bears witness to the style and tastes of that era. The application of matte gold and silver in the furrows of the pattern, a manufacturing virtuosity requiring unique sartorial skills, has transported it to the present day, bringing out the texture and making these papers veritable works of art.

The series includes six papers, all available in cover substance.

All papers in the Kind collection are available in stock. The minimum order is a 125-sheet pack.

With Kind, Icma is continuing on its journey of continuous improvement that led it to obtain its status as a Benefit Corporation in May; for every 10,000 sheets sold, Icma will plant a tree in its Laetitia forest (https://www.treedom.net/it/organization/icma-sartorial-paper).