At the ICE USA 2017 trade show (in Orlando, April 25–27), at the booth of BST North America, alongside its sister companies AccuWeb and BST ProControl (Booth 211), the topics of web guiding actuators and sensors will be a key focus.

At the joint trade show booth, visitors will find a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that cover the converting industry’s numerous technical and economic challenges. There will be presentations on both tried and tested and new solutions that have been developed through close contact with customers. The inspection systems, the quality assurance systems in the iPQ family, as well as the layer and basis weight measurement from BST ProControl create an extensive portfolio of products, ensuring and controlling quality in web-oriented processes.

“We have simplified our powerful and flexible scanning technology, making it easy to use even for inexperienced machine operators. This is how we meet the requirements of ICE visitors for both, innovative and user-friendly systems,” says Ingo Ellerbrock, head of product management at BST eltromat.

BST North America will be presenting two demo installations at ICE USA 2017 on web guiding. Depending on what is required for the product to be manufactured, the web guiding solutions from BST can be equipped with various sensors, splice tables and clamping devices.

Like all of the company’s web guiding systems, the CompactGuide is easy to operate using its simple controller. The operation is constructed in a logical way, and at first glance the operator is able to see whether materials are being properly controlled. If required, the operator can quickly and easily intervene in order to ensure consistently high production quality.

The BST North America booth will demo an AccuWeb web guide with DualEdge Technology. DualEdge can save converters extra time and cost by only needing one WideArray edge detector for sensing both edges of webs up to 18-inches in width. This allows for centerline guiding. DualEdge is versatile as it can be retrofitted onto existing lines or included on new installations.

Attendees to ICE USA will also be able to see how the line and contrast sensor CLS Pro 600 works. In relation to web guiding, BST gives its customers a selection of eco, basic, and high-end solutions, suitable for both narrow and wide web applications and customised as needed.

The TubeScan eagle view, developed by BST eltromat cooperation partner Nyquist Systems, will also be shown on a moving web demo. It combines 100 per cent print inspection with video web inspection and allows for the detection of print defects.

The visitors at ICE USA can also receive information about BST’s iPQ-Center. This modularly constructed system offers many possibilities for quality assurance in order to target the best production results. The abbreviation iPQ stands for “increasing productivity and quality” in the production process. The module for 100 per cent inspection is called iPQ-Check, while iPQ-View covers digital video web inspection tasks and iPQ-Spectral is a tool for inline spectral colour measurement. iPQ-Workflow integrates these three modules into a quality assurance process which creates a basis for continuous optimisation of print processes. The iPQ-Center reliably recognises and records errors, putting machine operators in a position to quickly and easily intervene during the process and correct settings. ICE USA visitors will see a running demo of the iPQ-Check module.

In Orlando, BST ProControl will demonstrate a basis weight and thickness measuring system. Show attendees will see precise basis weight measurements, which, due to the sensor technology, is not subject to special approval. “BST ProControl particularly stands out due to a unique service offering which helps converters to appreciate production processes which are more economic, save resources and minimise waste,” explains Marcus Babel, head of sales and service at the company in Wenden.