ICE Europe 2017 Jubilee Awards Winners announced

On the afternoon of the first day of this year’s ICE Europe exhibition, the 2017 Jubilee Awards were held in Hall A5. The winners were…

Industry 4.0: DERICHS, Germany, Hall A6, Stand 457

DERICHS has been awarded for ED-1 providing data from inside of the roller. Directly inside of the roller the DERICHS ED-1 measures inlet and outlet temperature and transmits this data in real-time via a digitised radio signal to a corresponding receiver. The acquired data can thus be either directly integrated into a PLC control system via a suitable PC dongle, or read out, stored and evaluated via a cloud in the intranet or internet via a mobile telephone or tablet (currently IOS App). Data logging allows the observation of deviations over long periods. If the limit values are reached, the roller can automatically trigger an alarm. Failures are more predictable and reworks are minimised.

Green Technology: Applied Materials WEB Coating, Germany, Hall A5, Stand 954

Applied Materials is awarded for TopBeam. Using electron beam evaporation, TopBeam offers a solution for applying transparent coatings with improved clear barrier performance for a
variety of oxide materials, including AlOx and SiOx with up to 2850 mm coating width. The system offers high coating speed for vacuum web coating processes; top quality transparent barrier layers, e.g. for packaging applications; a patented ESCOSYS in-line production control system for high layer uniformity, cost-effective production and efficient use of evaporation material as well as easy operation and maintenance. TopBeam 2850 supports production of barrier enhanced packaging materials with reduced raw material use at coating environment-friendly ceramic materials in the nanometre range.

Converting Solutions for New Materials: Infiana Group, Germany, Hall A5, Stand 962

Infiana Group is awarded for its antistatic release films. Infiana addresses a problem that many will be familiar with: you pull off a piece of film, only to have it stick to your hands or clothing. With its patented antistatic release films, Infiana has made this phenomenon a thing of the past. The advantages are immediately obvious. The release films can be siliconised on one or both sides and their antistatic properties are not dependent on high humidity, but function even at environmental humidity levels of less than 50 per cent – and that permanently. Films no longer gather a charge during unwinding, as any charge will immediately be dissipated. This eliminates discharges during processing or unwanted static shocks from touching the film. Infiana’s antistatic release liners are available as LDPA and PP products.

Innovative Partnerships: Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik, Germany, Hall A6, Stand 514

Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik has been awarded for its ‘Converting 4.0 Network’. At ICE Europe 2017, the open KAMPF Converting 4.0 network will be showing practical examples for industrial applications for the very first time. This is being realised by the companies of the network starter group KAMPF, BST eltromat, Neuenhauser Vorwald, Paul&Co as well as Codecentric and XYQOM. The focus is on the customer with his individual needs. As part of the Converting 4.0 network, the KAMPF Production Cockpit serves as a technical platform for the integration of the innovative partners’ solutions around slitting and winding technology.