Honeywell launches new ZipLine measurement device

Honeywell ZipLineThe Honeywell ZipLine is a self-contained scanning measurement device that provides high-speed measurement of flat sheets without the cost, size, and complexity of traditional O-frame scanners.

Compared to a traditional scanner, ZipLine has 90 per cent fewer parts, which, along with simplified installation and high performance measurements, contributes to a low cost of ownership and value.

Its features include: compact size and flexible mounting options, allowing for measurement in locations not possible with traditional scanners; easy assembly of components; and fewer parts, especially high wear consumables, and a highly accessible design to reduce maintenance requirements and cost.

Also, it has built-in, web accessible diagnostics to simplify troubleshooting, and it utilises the same sensors as Honeywell’s traditional flat sheet scanners.

ZipLine has been designed to be as simple and reliable as possible. All components of a traditional scanner design were reviewed and either improved, replaced with new technologies, or eliminated entirely. The traditional rigid O-frame structure has been replaced with stainless steel cables tensioned to support intelligent, self-driven, measurement modules on a precise and naturally straight scan path. Secure Wi-Fi replaces signal cables from the measurement modules to the measurement support system computer.

ZipLine is also compact enough that its components can be packed in boxes and shipped to customer sites on a pallet, greatly reducing transportation costs compared to an O-frame scanner. While flexible installation options allow ZipLine to be mounted directly to a machine frame to reduce space requirements, or on freestanding cable-supports as a drop-in replacement for existing scanners. No utilities other than power and an Ethernet connection are required.