HERMA to launch US subsidiary

The ribbon cutting: Martin Kühl, vice president labelling machines for HERMA (left) and Peter Goff, CEO of Herma US Inc
The ribbon cutting: Martin Kühl, vice president labelling machines for HERMA (left) and Peter Goff, CEO of HERMA US Inc

HERMA, a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace, launched a US subsidiary effective July 1.

HERMA US Inc is headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, and will initially concentrate on sales and servicing in support of the company’s wide range of labeling machines.

HERMA US Inc will be led by Peter Goff, the longtime director of sales for the company’s subsidiary in the UK, who has been with the company for 25 years and drew high praise for his stewardship of the HERMA UK sales operation. He’s now been named as CEO of HERMA US Inc.

HERMA offers a complete range of labeling solutions based around the HERMA 400 Label Applicator, which features a high speed servo drive capable of achieving speeds over 500 feet per minute. The machine also enjoys an exemplary reliability record.

The HERMA range encompasses everything from compact machinery for low to medium speed applications to the ‘M’ range of high speed fully automatic systems, including the HERMA 132M Automatic Wrap-Around Labeling System. Offering speeds up to 300 products per minute, this high speed turret-based wrap-around labeling system is widely used in European pharmaceutical production lines, and features valuable product security features including the ability to remove reject labels without applying them to the product.

Goff will report to Martin Kühl, divisional director of the HERMA’s worldwide machine division.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for HERMA to expand its global footprint,” said Kühl. “The company had already enjoyed solid sales in North America without permanent staff. This new subsidiary dedicates many of our most talented personnel to one of the world’s most important markets. This exciting new commitment allows HERMA to focus in on the American healthcare and consumer products sectors, and provide our distributors and customers an enhanced, more direct level of sales and technical support.”

Though HERMA US Inc will initially focus solely on its labeling machines business, HERMA also produces self-adhesive materials, as well as finished adhesive products for a broad set of industries, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, automotive and electrical, chemicals, food, cosmetics and logistics.