HERMA self-adhesive materials at Dantex open house

Digital printing made easy

  • During an open house event on July 17 and 18, Dantex showcased the digital UV inkjet label press PicoColour
  • Alongside other experts from across the full print process, HERMA was present, contributing added value through expertise in the field of inkjet materials

  • The event focussed on the advantages of digital printing technology. Combined with suitable self-adhesive materials like those manufactured by HERMA, it enables users to print high-quality labels at an attractive price, especially in small batches

An open house event held by British printing technology expert Dantex on July 17 and 18 at its Bradford facility focussed on the digital UV inkjet label press PicoColour. Since plate-making and make-ready are not required, the system can produce perfect labels right from the start, offering label manufacturers an attractive entry to digital printing. Simon Cosh, Business Development Manager at Dantex, explains: “There are still many misconceptions and questions surrounding digital press technologies available in the market today. What this open house aimed to achieve was to offer greater insight into true digital printing to enable customers to see why inkjet should be the preferred technology in the future of print. We were supported by experts from across the full print process – as well as presentations and live demonstrations at the event. They were able to answer questions on the various aspects of digital UV label production.”

John Hill, Technical Manager at HERMA UK, was present to answer questions about suitable self-adhesive materials. In a talk about valuable benefits, he presented the results of extensive tests with standard HERMA self-adhesives on the PicoColour. “Many of our products, e.g. HERMA PP white extra tc (grade 880), HERMA PP 50 transparent tc (grade 885), and HERMA PP silver tc (grade 891), can immediately absorb UV inkjet ink and produce an exellent print image thanks to optimal ink adhesion”, he explains. “Moreover, the PicoColour can even print on textured paper, such as HERMAfelt white brut (grade 316), a self-adhesive material for wine bottles, with very good results.” These materials were available for comprehensive live demonstrations, allowing visitors at Dantex to see for themselves the excellent print quality.