GSE Ink manager: software for eliminating ink waste makes Labelexpo debut

At Labelexpo Europe, GSE (stand 7D59), the global provider of ink logistics solutions, will unveil GSE Ink manager – a new management software for eliminating ink-related waste and assuring colour quality within the label and package printing workflow. The stand will also feature dispensing equipment and proofing solutions that bring cost efficiencies and repeatable colour on-demand.

The launch of GSE Ink manager coincides with unveiling of the company’s revamped website. Its refreshed design aims to help label, packaging and textile printers better understand the significance of waste elimination, and find ink logistics solutions tailored to their needs.

“At GSE, we believe ink logistics must address the challenge of eliminating ink-related waste in its widest sense,” Maarten Hummelen, marketing director at GSE, comments. “It’s not just about efficiently using the ink itself. It also considers time, materials, tools, techniques, people and space. This is our guiding principle for developing integrated ink logistics solutions that include ink management, colour management, offline proofing, and integration software.

“GSE Ink manager software is the result of intensive collaboration with customers and supply chain partners, and is tailored to the needs of modern printing houses,” Hummelen explains. “Increasingly, our customers are seeking to reuse inks in more ways in order to optimise yields. Also, they need ingredient traceability to meet stringent food and pharmaceutical quality standards, and advanced management reporting to plan strategically. GSE Ink manager is the response to these challenges.”


The software is developed around the customer’s processes, providing a platform for improving efficiency in all relevant workflow steps where ink is involved, especially ink dispensing, processing press-return inks and colour corrections. In addition, it provides a total solution for managing all ink-related information, far exceeding just the machine control of the dispenser.

A modular software package, Ink manager comes with a modern, intuitive Windows interface and drag, drop, search, sort and export features.


Advanced ink reuse capability

Ink manager represents a significant improvement in the way ink can be reused, because of both its barcode scanning capability and advanced search functions. Firstly, return inks with approximately the same colour, or similar base components, can be combined into a ‘cluster.’ The recipe is determined by calculating used buckets or with a colour formulation system. The cluster becomes a single base colour connected to the ink dispenser, supplying new jobs. Ink manager supports clustering with lists of return inks; the expiry date of the cluster is determined by earliest date of all components.

Also, inks and varnishes can be classified into different quality series. Premium varnishes can be substituted for jobs with less demanding specifications, while using standard varnishes is prohibited where higher quality is expected. Furthermore, return inks can be reserved for specific jobs, e.g. when unique colours are needed.

Among other highlights is the ability to make new colours. These can be created with colour formulation software, with recipes sent directly to Ink manager. The software’s ability to log the ingredients in any order, as well as track the use of ink returns, enables fast pin-pointing of any problem, in accordance with ISO, GMP or BRC standards, plus batch traceability through the value chain.

Furthermore, Ink manager offers improved workflow management. A job list splits work preparation from ink production, making planning easier as return buckets can be collected beforehand. Jobs can be prepared for forthcoming shifts, avoiding confusion when handing over work to colleagues.

Optionally, the software comes with Wi-Fi connection to the dispenser, compatibility with mobile phones, and an app that allows remote data entry and access to real-time information. This makes controlling process steps possible without needing to be at the dispenser.

Labelexpo visitors may arrange an appointment at the GSE stand for a detailed demonstration with a representative. Daily presentations of GSE Ink manager and its mobile app will provide a real-time appreciation of the software’s ease of use.


Colorsat® dispensing systems for precise, instant colour mixing

GSE’s Colorsat® modular dispensing systems, for flexo, gravure and screen processes, will also be featured at Labelexpo. Mixing and dispensing inks to precise quality and quantity specifications in minutes, they bring reduced setup times and ink-yield improvements of over 30 percent. They offer easy re-use of press-return inks, a cleaner colour mixing environment and better stock management. The company has two automatic dispensers for label printing that dispense spot colours in 1kg – 10kg volumes: Colorsat Switch, for water, UV and solvent inks, supplied by exchangeable buckets or high-volume components; and

Colorsat Match, for water and UV inks, with fixed, refillable internal storage tanks as standard and optional external components.

Also, the GSE Dispensing-affiliated company, Print Proof Solutions, exhibits the Perfect Proofer Evolution Series table-top wet-proofing system for flexo applications.


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