Greycon releases new version of X-Trim and opt-Studio

Greycon has recently announced the 9.2 release of its planning tools, X-Trim and opt-Studio.

X-Trim’s new developments include:

  • Load planning Phase II: Optimal decomposition of the trim solution into container or truck loads
  • Length tolerance: The system can consider mixed-length reels when reel lengths or diameters vary slightly (also known as slabbing).
  • Algorithmic performance improvement: The new version is 6.3 per cent faster on smaller problems and 19.9 per cent faster on difficult problems.

opt-Studio’s new developments include:

  • New entities: Ship-to groups for load planning, distribution centres and supply networks. These lay the foundations for the integration with the recently-announced Greycon Forecasting tool. The resulting future inventory profiles for remote warehouses and vendor-managed inventory become part of the system and are fully manageable.
  • Synchronisation: The new release extends multi-user capabilities, providing automatic conflict resolution.
  • ATP/CTP: Additional capabilities for multi-site implementations.

Constantine Goulimis, CEO at Greycon, said, “Growth in both our installed user base and internal development resources has enabled us to deliver this version to the market quickly. Improvements include new features as well as enhancements. Trials at one of Greycon’s plastic film clients resulted in a waste reduction from 8 per cent to 3 per cent in one instance, results that are in keeping with our goal of striving to maximise efficiencies, be it by improving material utilisation, productivity or rapid responses to unforeseen problems.”